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No Start No Crank

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Hello, I'm having problems starting my 04 base model. It died out of nowhere when i turned off the car in a parking lot for 5 mins and came back to a dead car. A stranger was able to help me push start the car and I was able to drive it home. I replaced the starter 3 months ago from Autozone, so i thought it might've died again so I exchanged it and replaced it. Still same issue, turn the ignition and its silent, no click from the starter besides from a click from near the steering wheel (i think this is the relay?). I can hear the fuel pump priming.

Replaced the battery more than a year ago (already tried jump starting it, no change)
Changed the alternator like 3yrs ago

I've read the clutch switch might be a problem or the immobilizer from what i researched.

Any other ideas?
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How'd you go about bypassing the clutch safety switch? I used a copper wire that turned out to be hollow inside and didn't have continuity lol. Switched to a different piece I had laying around and the car started right away.
Gotcha. If you have a multimeter, pull the paperclip out and test it for continuity. Wouldn't hurt to try
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