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No Start No Crank

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Hello, I'm having problems starting my 04 base model. It died out of nowhere when i turned off the car in a parking lot for 5 mins and came back to a dead car. A stranger was able to help me push start the car and I was able to drive it home. I replaced the starter 3 months ago from Autozone, so i thought it might've died again so I exchanged it and replaced it. Still same issue, turn the ignition and its silent, no click from the starter besides from a click from near the steering wheel (i think this is the relay?). I can hear the fuel pump priming.

Replaced the battery more than a year ago (already tried jump starting it, no change)
Changed the alternator like 3yrs ago

I've read the clutch switch might be a problem or the immobilizer from what i researched.

Any other ideas?
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Clutch switch sounds like it could be the culprit. I've had this issue once before. Drove to pick up my kids from school, turned the car off and it wouldn't turn back on. If you look up at the top of the clutch pedal where the switch is mounted, I'm sure you will see a missing stopper for said switch.
This is normal. The accessories are on their circuit when turning the ignition switch to start. Did you bypass the correct plug for the clutch switch?
I don't know how often or if they ever fail, but maybe the ignition switch went bad? Do you still have one of the old starters? If so, have you had it tested?
im using a paperclip. but the paperclip has like a colored coating over it, so idk if maybe that can prevent it from working
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