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FS: 2006 RSX type S in Jade Green Metallic, completely unmodified except the Panavise phone mount
Mileage: just over 17,000
VIN: JH4DC53016S000683
Price: $17,000
Contact: PM is the best

Pics taken in June: Album
Dings removed: Before and After

I bought this last August with 12,125 miles. Used it for daily commute until early February, then I started working from home.

Maintenance done:
  • Oil change in 10/2019 and 5/2020 (Mobil 1 0w30)
  • Flush transmission fluid (Honda MTF)
  • Flush brake & clutch fluid (Valvoline)
  • Engine & cabin air filter (Purolator)
  • Flush power steering fluid (Honda)
  • Replace thermostat with Honda unit & Type 2 coolant (original t-stat had some issue causing coolant temp to stay at only 169*F)
Extras that can be added:
  • Brand new OEM floor mats
  • Five 15400-PLM-A01 oil filters (right, not the common A02)


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Sweet!!! Thought I had a low mileage Stock JGM. Good luck, I hope you get as much as possible.
Noticed you said added for those floor mats...are you interested in selling them?

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Hey man
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