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Purchased a 100 pack of 20 Amp fuses on Amazon the other day.

When these arrived I immediately noticed that they were not good quality.

The metal inside is VERY thin, and is not even consistent in thickness from one fuse to another.

They might catch fire and ruin your electrical system.

I once had one of these catch on fire within a fuse adapter for my car stereo system. Smoke was literally coming through my air vent.

When I pooped the hood, the fuse had literally caught fire and melted, and literally fused itself to the fuse adapter; so that I had to buy a new one.

These chinese-made knock offs from Ebay or Amazon are dangerous.

What if this fuse had caught fire and melted inside of my car's electrical box ?

I would either have had to buy a whole new box, and pay for the dealership to RE-wire my electrical system due to a fire.

Or worse yet, my whole car could have caught on fire.


I did my research on YouTube.

Just use these key phrases on YouTube " Automotive Fuses- Does The Brand Really Matter "

and also " Automotive Fuses: testing Ebay/China vs Locally Sourced "


I am one of those guys who believes in "paying it forward".

If anyone has ever told you that, " a fuse is just a fuse", regardless of brand, well take a look at the videos or just know that I experienced this first-hand.

So I hope this post helps.
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