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We have put together our first ever DVD release of the Imports VS Domestics event which happens every year at Maryland International Raceway! Checkout the info for the DVD along with the trailer and get your copy today! We look forward to the 2012 event!!

We edited 15+ hours of footage into a 2.5 hour dvd with mutiple angles and on board footage with some of the fastest Imports & Domestics in the U.S. The DVD is now available for anyone via the link below!!


The 16th Annual MIR World Cup Finals was an event to remember! With more than 2.5 hours of footage this DVD 2 disc set will keep you entertained as you get a chance to relive all of the heads up drag racing, bikini contest and car show coverage that we have to offer! With over thousands of people in attendance every year the World Cup Finals has become an event phenomenon on the east coast and we were there as always to capture it!! Checkout the DVD trailer!!!

Click this link below to Order your copy today!!

Checkout the front and back of the DVD cover!!

Click this link below for the official DVD Trailer!!

Here is an image of the DVDs.... Packaged & ready to go!!!

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