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Klutch RSX said:
i saw a base auto with greddy turbo and i think 9 psi run 14.7xx at the 1/4th when i had my base 5 speed with i/h/e and flash that was running 14.663.. i felt bad :laughing:

i have access to one.. i forget teh brand. but its like orange lol. worked fine on my girls RSX. she threw a CEL and we plugged it in and it told us.. SYSTEM TOO LEAN. i thikn her primary 02 is Going. cuz no way her system is lean bcause of an SRI, 05 Type S header and cat with 05 type s cat back. and no flash or any other ECU tuning

thats what happens when u dont have kpro and have to use regular shitty emanage. i will solve this problem very soon.;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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