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Hey, basically I thought that my battery died on me last friday when I went to start my car. When I approached the car, my key pad (neither of them) didn't work so I used the key to enter my car. When I realized that no power was going through the car, meaning no accessory power, no lights, nothing at all, I tried to jump my car with the help of a friend. As I was getting ready to clamp the ground to my car (the last connector to hook up), my horn goes absolutely haywire as I make contact to the ground point. Also my lights were flashing too,

So I went to the autoparts store today to buy a new battery just to see if that was the problem. Yes, the battery was dead, but when I went to install my new one, the same horn and lights problem was happening. I just left the terminals unhooked to see if you guys had any ideas. My brother thinks that it might be the relays from my battery to my subsystems going bad.

(sorry for the encyclopedia length of a story)
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