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odd squeeking from passenger side wheels

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title says most of it.

Mostly during low speed driving in the 20 to 40 mph range
It can start all on its own or when i hit a few minor bumps in the road
It stops when i apply brakes and then starts again randomly

I had oem brake pads installed about 15K miles ago and the rotorss were machined as well.

I can't tell whether it's coming from the front or rear but definatley from the passenger side

aftermarket wheels and mugen suspension on the car but I don;t think that'sthe culprit.

Any ideas guys?
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bump for ideas
i got that same shit.. still havent found a result to that stupid noise.

It turns out I'm just hyper sensitive when it comes to my car. It is the wear indicator on both the rear brake pads.

The pads are in fact very slightly curved and when the brakes are off it causes the very edge of the wear indicator to rub the rotors. When the brakes are applied it evens out the pads and the indicator is no longer touching the rotors.
Hence it squeeks when driving and doesn't squeek when the brakes are on.

If I keep it that way eventually they would be squeeking all the time.
Who knew :dontknow:

Hope this helps :wavey:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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