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Have two exhaust manifolds, OEM and Aftermarket
Have two catalytic converters, OEM and Aftermarket

OEM Manifold - $20+Shipping
Aftermarket Manifold - $35+shipping
OEM Catalytic Converter - $260+Shipping
Aftermarket Catalytic Converter - $220+Shipping

Local Pick up OK

In Los Angeles, CA area

All parts are in excellent condition, OEM Cat has sly 58K Miles, Aftermarket Cat has under 800 miles. Notes, the Aftermarket cat considerably opens up the restriction versus OEM cat, depends on what you are going for, if you want to go back to that OEM feeling then obviously get OEM, if you want to feel some power the type-s has without anything crazy like headers, get the aftermarket one, it is so much fun and keeps it feeling stock as well, no CEL engine on either cat. OEM manifold, needs bigger bolts or rethread, aftermarket one is good with OEM springs and bolts. All of these items bolt straight up no problem, all you need are bolts and nuts which are < 6 dollars. This will all bolt up to type-S (02-06), without problem, just get bolts. I know this is CLUBEP3, for those of you thinking of upgrading exhaust system while keeping stock feel, or even a more performance feel then the best route to go is Type-S exhaust system. Take it from my experience experimenting with exhaust setups, upgrading to RSX system, type-s specifically really opens up restriction from EP3, I'm selling manifold plus downpipe combos, both work no problem and bolt on straight onto EP3, you would just need to get a exhaust manifold gasket for rsx type s and some bolts for downpipe/midpipe connection, but of course remember if you want to take this route, you are upgrading exhaust system to an RSX Type-S, so you do need type-s midpipe, any catback will bolt right on no modification needed.

Reply with inquiries, PM, or text at 323-213-65twozer0

Aftermarket Cat

OEM Cat Had it wrapped, ready to ship, sorry for crappy pics didn't want to take it out, nothing special just an OEM Cat

Aftermarket Manifold

OEM Manifold
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