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OEM Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

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Here's a picture of it. There is a thread on RSX, but I didn't find one here. Very easy and free. Just remove the throttle body, and remove the lower hose going to the coolant pipe.

Attach the upper hose to the lower coolant pipe.

Careful putting the TB back on, it will try to hit the new looped pipe.

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What did you use to plug the hole where the hose went in the TB?
This may be a dumb question but what's the purpose of the bypass? How is it going to benefit the cooling system
If you live in a warm place many people disconect this to keep heat out of the TB....If you live some place that gets cold and wet, it is a really bad idea..the flapper can freeze inside the tb....closed = no go, open =no stop.....I have had "real car guys" tell me these are not important but they have no idea what they are talking about. If you drive in sub freezing temps...think whats its like inside your intake.....really cold air moving at 100mph....really cold metal+ any moisture=bad things.
im in texas, might have to give it a shot once summer kicks in, so i have about 2 weeks before i can try it out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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