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Limited exclusivity
Full Mugen tuned
Twin Mugen exos
Recaro seats

See it lapping at Tsukuba... WOW!

I want one already.

The 「 MUGEN RR 」 furthermore enhanced the efficiency of HONDA シビック TYPE of the based vehicle, R designated the improvement of ultimate FF sport performance, namely engine efficiency, aerodynamic efficiency, and maneuverability as goal. Circuit travelling by the car which from the first offers the driving pleasure on the public road, the rack equipment is done in 1 unit 1 manual operation with the efficiency which excels, the serial plate (production number) installs and the factory it is the schedule which is shipped.

The engine makes cam profile private, the intake system which has duct layout and the bulk air box which make ram pressure, the exhaust manifold which aimed for layout optimization low by the fact that the dual exhaust system which achieves anti- pressure is given, peak power + 15PS*carries out output improvement.* This corporation measurable quantity

In the travelling efficiency aspect, cornering performance is raised the private tire 「 ポテンザ RE070 RR specifications 」 which was developed with Bridgestone jointly, with the adoption of the light weight high rigid private forging wheel and private suspension etc.. With the attenuation power 5 step adjustment type damper, not only performance pursuit it carries out also the compatibility with the comfort such as riding comfort.

The brake rotor of the opposite bench structure which furthermore pulls out the efficiency of ブレンボキャリパー (the front) and slit structure (the front/the rear) adopting the brake, the rotor and the sport brake pad. In addition direct feeling as low by the fact that also the brake hose of it can serve coefficient of expansion is installed, it corresponds to the engine power which increases the controller bull efficiency was pursued.

The carbon composite and the aluminum positive it threw the exterior and, pursued aerodynamic efficiency and light weight conversion in the higher-order origin, it went hand in hand with the forum which it materializes converts the concept 「 formula sport 」 of the design section and actualized improvement, -15kg it achieved the light weight conversion above front and back minus lift balance, (vis-a-vis the based vehicle). As for the interior, the private semi bucket seat which was developed with RECARO jointly the driver/was adopted for passenger 2, the arrival seat point Normal (for Road)/Low (for Circuit) 2 positions made the specifications which can be selected. To short stroke coupled with the shifter which is converted, it actualizes the hold characteristic at the time of sport driving and the optimization of operation position.

- Sales planning quantity (country) limitation 300 unit incoming order production
- Production enterprise corporation M - TEC
- Nationwide manufacturer desired retail price

the RR gods shine upon me
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i just spl00ged... :(

i want that color for my RR!

such a sick-ass Civic...why the hell cant we get one of these for ONCE here in America?!?! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
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