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So.... Since I am about to kill the modding bug.... I might as well leave some of the progress behind... just for the heck of it :coffee:

It all started back in 2008 w/ a 2002 SSM RSX auto, no pics 'cause I didn't care that much about cars back then.....

a couple of months later... I replaced the OEM headlights with Smoked Depo headlights from EBay (thank god there are no pictures)

It all changed when I found out about, though :laughing:


Front End Conversion
Rear End Conversion
Front/Rear/sides/ Aspec kit
JDM Foglight Covers
Ion foglight lenses
JDM Taillights
Greddy Ti-c 70mm
Greddy RS 60mm
05-06 exhaust
EM2 25mm front sway bar
progress 24mm rear sway bar
Skunk Gold rear control arms
Private Label Race Header
ITR header/cat
Innovative 75A motor mounts
Hasport 62A motor mounts
OEM Decklid
JDM "INTEGRA" "TYPE-S" rear badges
JDM front "TYPE-S" badge
JDM "H" red badges
Mugen Intake
AEM V2 short intake
Fujita CAI w/ Vibrant filter & velocity Stack
The pongoro's Box
Custom Short Ram w/ Blox filter & velocity stack
JDM console + E-brake
Spider Hole cover
Pioneer Double din unit
JDM Red Carpet
JDM type-r push start button
EP3 Type-r red Hazard switch
Revo Short Shift Kit
K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm
JDM Mugen 6-speed Shift Knob
JDM FD2 Civic Type R 6 Speed Shift Knob
Competition Clutch Stage 1.5 Clutch & 8lb Lightweight Flywheel
02-04 6-speed Transmission
Mtec Sport springs
05-06 Base cluster
Reflashed Auto ECU

Decided to finish the A-spec look


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By that time, I wished my RSX was manual... since I was still finishing paying this one off... I came up with an idea....

I installed a clutch and brake pedal off a manual version... to give it that manual look

I also swapped the Auto tranny internals into a 6-speed tranny case to make it more believable under the hood


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Changed a few parts over the last couple of days :moondo:

Sold the private label header and got me an OEM Type-r header/cat :love:
I also went with hasport mounts 62A :love:
had to replace the front sway bar with an EM2 25mm to avoid clearance issues w/ the type-r header, it compliments the 24mm progress rear sway bar pretty well :love:
I love this set-up :love:

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really dont like the black nonpainted look on the front bumper... rear looks good, and you need wheels. looks good so far tho!
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