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Official Post Picture of Your Car Now 9 - Low Quality Pics Keep Right

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this car needs a wash bad and some paint touch up too, got a few small scratches and chip all over the place

link to previous thread if anyone's interested is here
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can i play too?

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Badass! I wonder who took that picture :shady:
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Finally off the stretched tires and put some 245/40 continentals on my regamasters and also picked up a type r wing too
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hell yea check me out you guys, looking hotness with purple behind that gold haha

They look hella gay.
Thanks for copying my color :firemad:

Lol jk they look good bro
snowed here a couple days ago...

Those purp brembo :shady:
You have any parts fall off recently?
hahaha as a matter of fact, my weathertech visors flew off on the beltway. it was really windy and then, gone I heard it rip out from the window support and left me lol
lol my rear bumper did that to me like 3 years ago :rotfl:
I've never taken off the rear bumper during that time so idunno how it flew off. :dontknow:
flares look darker in some pics, guessing its just the lighting..
seems it was abit of a hassle cutting the ends of the aspec lol
anyways, build is coming along great man!
love the retros & new wheels too :love:

The flares are actually a bit darker lol. I need to get them repainted.
And the aspec front is a rep haha. There's no way I could get myself to cut an oem aspec.
before i removed the extras...
lemme cop that decklid :shady:
How you liking the JRSC K24 Sir?
Having some fuel problems right now lol. Fuel pressure is reading like 20-30 on my fuel rail. Might just have a clog in the fuel pump strainer.

now that is dope :slowclap:
how'd you fill in the bottom?
lol I haven't filled in the bottom yet. Right now I just have it held on with 3m tape. Probably gonna dremel the bottom ends to get the middle to sit on the trunk. Too scared it'll fly off when I'm driving so I just throw it on for meets and shows :rotfl:
Phil, I'd love to see more angles. Those wheels don't seem common enough on RSXs. :thumbsup:
The wheels or duckbill lol
No he's not, USDMs look cleaner.
all your missing now are some ITR tails :hb:
lol unless I can find some for cheap, I can't contemplate on spending the money on two extra clear circles no matter how jdm it is :bow:
Thanks to iThinkImJoey for taking these pics of my car. Only problem is we also hired a model so now all eyes are likely off the car. D'oh!

Mad jelly of that bumper :sj:
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