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this car needs a wash bad and some paint touch up too, got a few small scratches and chip all over the place

link to previous thread if anyone's interested is here
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Mine's still sitting, sadly. I keep running into bs bad luck. It was bad enough the trans blew. Pulled it out and discovered two bad engine mounts. Ordered those. Then found a break in the new trans case. Sent that in to get welded. Got it back and started transferring parts from the old trans I needed, only for a mount stud to strip the hole in the old trans trying to remove it. I'm broke as f* at the moment, so I had a friend buy me a tap and die set on loan to fix the stud, and am now waiting on him to bring that over.

Been thinking about my plan of attack for must-have mods though. Working on the lip kit now, I've got A-spec front and Mugen rear in hand. I'll see about ordering Mugen sides next weekend. Those and the bumpers all need painting. After that is saving up for Mugen SS and 25mm spacers for the OE wheels, then saving even longer for either white Regas, or TC105Ns in that bronzish color they come in.
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I do need to get around to double-DIN one of these days (Phil's car). The RSX dash is beautiful in its simplicity with that.
thats no ordinary double din
its a nexus tab conversion i believe
Eh, forget that, I don't live in my car lol.
^ My hood is by them. I feel your pain. One day I'll get Seibon/VIS, as there's no way the panel gaps this thing leaves would look good painted.

I finally got my car moving a few days ago, then just today I recieved the two side engine mounts from Delray and knocked those out quick.

^Ugh. Diamond in a goat's ass...

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Went to IFO Baytown TX yesterday and came home with this.

BestHonda winner by martinmonjaras, on Flickr
You won Best Honda with a Civic parked next to an NSX. How great did that feel?
time for work

DSC00562 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr
Zero suspension droop. Ride must be harsh!
I, uh... yeah. I did some stuff last night. :shady:

VHT flat red ceramic. Go easy on me...

But is it just me, or are those Emotion CRs taking the RPF1's place as the new wheel to have?
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I was wanting RPF1s when I first bought my car. Then I joined this place and saw that everyone (and their girlfriend, in some cases) had them, and quickly changed my mind. Now's my chance!
Tacoma's looking sick!

You building on it? Street or off road? Kinda far down the list of dream projects, but I'd love to do up an S10/Ranger/Tacoma in either guise.
... you mean the guy above you?
:rotfl: There won't be for long.
For actual functionality of a diffuser, don't you need a flat underbody tray and to be damn near kissing the ground?
It helps to be mounted to the chassis and be as rigid as possible. But a guy on the Accord forum I'm on mounted Top1 canards to his bumper and said he started scraping on the freeway.
I'm all for a meaty look, but going from 16s to 17s on my car, I felt much less sidewall flex. You sure you're not lowering grip limitations with same-width tires? I watch a decent amount of touring car racing and while they don't go super low in tire profile, they definitely don't have that much sidewall.

... wait, do you drag or circuit race? Your car looks to me like it does some 'real' racing, lol. Straight lines don't require skill. :p

I'm not so certain on either of those, but I do know cutting the bumper will reduce air resistance by eliminating the parachute effect the rear bumper causes. The diffuser should then smoothen the transition of wind from underneath the car back into the ambiance, reducing turbulence. If I'm not mistaken, without cutting the rear bumper, the air the diffuser is supposed to reintegrate into the ambiance is just going to get trapped in the rear bumper.

But I'm not a physicist, so don't read anything I just wrote :thumbsup:
But without the underbody tray ahead of the diffuser, I would think the diffuser would act like a wing spoiler underneath your car. It's going to take air over the top of it and create drag. Possibly increasing the parachute effect? I'm no genius on this stuff either, just making theory...
Yea strictly 40,60 rollers to 150mph+
Then why all the drag-inducing aero? At 100+, you should be making it as aerodynamically slippery as possible, no?
Should be a nice shroud color. Reminds me that I should fix my passenger shroud because it vibrates and you see the light shaking at night lol
You sure it's the shroud? I had a shaking problem with mine, turned out the bulb just wasn't seated right. I still need to take one of my lights apart; one projector is at a slight angle :shakehead

Loving the clean look, btw!
Yeah, I've got Mini H1s. Seating the bulb correctly fixed my own problem. But I would think beyond that, the only thing to cause shaking with those is if the projector base wasn't secured tightly enough to the stock reflector dish. It's got a rubbber gasket sandwiched in there to help too.
I think it's illegal in all 50. But then I'd be surprised if your headlight colors aren't.

... there's a law stating that a car's headlights have to be a minimum height from the ground, so I'm pretty sure improperly aimed headlights, stock or not, could get you in trouble if you crossed a pathetic enough cop.
I've heard Hawaii's absurdly strict on modding cars. Any truth to that?
Had to save this one. I was about to say, white body, gold wheels, red banner... that looks a lot like Ronald's old RSX, then I see his mark in the corner. :thumbsup:

What's he got these days?
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