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Official Post Picture of Your Car Now 9 - Low Quality Pics Keep Right

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this car needs a wash bad and some paint touch up too, got a few small scratches and chip all over the place

link to previous thread if anyone's interested is here
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A lot has been changed on mine over the last month.

I'll get some better quality shots at a later time.
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First post of 2018. Car been haven't been driven since November since busted radiator. Now it's got a new Mishimoto radiator, new tires, projector headlights and carbon A-Spec trim kit.

Looks nice man! I like it. Clean and subtle.

How do you like the mishimoto radiator?
Very cool! Congrats! Post more pics in your thread
Here's an update on my baby View attachment 567790
You should cut out the fog light covers! I think it would really compliment your car's look.

Pro Tip: Get some rubbing compound on your headlights to clean them up a bit.
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Synchrotech master kit
Spoon 5.1
ITR 4-6
ITR flywheel
Spoon clutch
Spoon release bearing

View attachment 567984
Let us know how you like this set up. I am planning the same build in the coming months.
A another victim of the track day. I killed mine at the track last month too. It's going under the knife as we speak.

Will you be rebuilding that Spoon or are you done with it?

PM me so we can talk
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