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Official Post Picture of Your Car Now 9 - Low Quality Pics Keep Right

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this car needs a wash bad and some paint touch up too, got a few small scratches and chip all over the place

link to previous thread if anyone's interested is here
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Ive always liked the track look you got. Any reason why you got rid of the js wang?
cleaner look

nice dude

Looking good Sim! How do you like those Rivals? Do they run true or wide?
wide as u can see. little sidewall. very sticky dry, sucks in the wet. car will slide all over the place anything over 50mph. i wouldnt recommend to DD on them.

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Yo dudes. Haven't visited in about a year LOL. What happened to that guy that was building that white RSX in Hawaii that was doing the custom trunk and lip moulding in a body shop for about 17 decades?
... you mean the guy above you?
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Since I don't post on here very often, a few from a recent photoshoot at sunset..

that js wing gonna make it look even more aggressive :thumbsup::weeeeeeeeee:

in the 4th pic, is that the dragon?
loving this, but then again I'm kinda bias to a white car with a red window visor lol

cant get enough of the finish on these wheels

and to keep the thread moving one more of my hooptie by korbancorbett, on Flickr
thank you. your car as well is nice. i dig it. wheels are for sale in the wheels section if you are interested.
Those goodies doe :drool:

J's w/jmags, I'm guessing lime green works? Lol, sexy dsm :datass: etc...
i think that would be pretty hot, i don't think i've seen a purple rsx before so it would be unique for sure.
lol, theres like 6 purple rsx's in florida. after troy painted his car purple, a bunch of cars copied him. lol and the front bumper to. so sad and funny. lol
Saw one of them last month :ugh2:
i know which one you are talking about. lolol thats one. :rotfl::rotfl:

did you see his crush bent turbo pipes hidden underneath the exhaust wrap? :rotfl::rotfl:
hell yea check me out you guys, looking hotness with purple behind that gold haha

lol that's what i wanted to show off all along

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