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*****Official Socal Sightings Thread*****

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spotted this guy in Rialto on the chervon on valley and riverside ave ( Arabic stickers in the back window)
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05+ mm, white rpfs i think, fenders pulled, mugen rear lip, aspec sides, front splitters (couldnt see lip if any) red recaros, had a front windshield sticker and rear window sticker

about 4pm euclid and westminster
spotted this guy

spotted this rsx on the 15 north around 3:30pm on my way to Pala Casino for the lobster buffet. I was in a 2012 all black honda pilot that drove right passed u after I took the pix. Clean ride!
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White dc5 on gold stockies and a wing? Leaving mt sac
02-04 abp with a wing and black wheels i think going 10 east right by the 57
I was already going 75 but you were going probably 85
I just wanted to cruise lol
saw a silver 05-06 rsx type s that was lowered with gun metal/bronze colored rims otw to school today on the 405 going northbound in the carson area. i was in the red rsx and drove by n said wassup. sweet whip tho
White 1st gen rsx on orangethorpe and walker around 8-9. I high beamed you and waved as I was passing.
black 05+ with white wheels, mugen lip?, hids, and yellow fogs on the 10E near dtla last night around 1am?
saw a 1st gen rsx slammed with a type r wing. it was black but had like a silver or some other color bumper on stock 02-04 rims. it was in Brea down imperial highway i said wassup!
Spotted a grey Rsx

spotted a grey Rsx type s today 02-04 with carbon fiber wing on white wheels looked clean was right off the 55 and 91 hit me up next time anyone's in the area for a shoot
Black rsx with a high wing and rpf1s in front of almound haus in garden grove right now
Black rsx with a high wing and rpf1s in front of almound haus in garden grove right now
thats my spot. black 05-06 rpf1 but i dont have a high wing
05-06 mm on 15 north around 2 lil after el cajon

Tinted tail lighted, tinted honda badge, dc5legacy decal on back drivers side window, rear slammed, front end higher, on sunk wheels. Hipster driver
05-06 i think nhbp under 22 bridge on grand with ccw classics i think 3pm

was with corner of my eye
02-04 nhbp at citrus college. Mugen sides and front lip with top one winglets and type r wing, but no rear lip. looks good
nhbp 05 black on black on 5zigen fn01 spotted in mira mesa boulevard like at around 5 on Sunday.
Boosted 06 BOM on volks te37 black on 15 south by balboa Monday at 1am. blew off on me, left him 4 bus lengths back. looked like a retard running the ironman.
02-04 White DC5 with Rear Mugen lip (?) I think. On the 22 west, by knott exit. Believe he was behind a silver FRS.
Today on the 605 south around 11:30 am barely passing the 10 a 02-04 DSM with Type R wing passed me.. You were on the carpool lane I was next to the carpool lane.. I think I heard a blow off valve so possibly Boosted 02-04 dsm
dumped 02-04 nhbp in the service bay at tustin acura

also rolled up a 02-04 ssm with mugen wing and projector lights

bout 3 pm
1441 - 1460 of 1656 Posts
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