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oil pan installtion

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i have a 02 type s rsx what are the tools used for installing an oil pan?
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just a socket wrench, i cant remember if it was 12 or 14 or both, and i think you need to remove the clutch sheild or somehting like that also, it only takes a few minutes, better yet you should search dude im sure theirs a DIY on this, prbly spaz or someones written one up
also our oil pan doesnt have a gasekt so before u start make sure you go to the dealer and pick up the liquid gasket and spread, and if u need an oil pan baffle, i have one brand new from teh dealer still in the packaging i can sell you
really? i need all that?
i bought the one from crsx
Have you been able to install the pan without dropping the subframe?
does pepboys seal hondabond>?
No, only honda sells hondabond, Pepboys sells the permatex stuff tho, but not as good as hondabond IMO
Have you been able to install the pan without dropping the subframe?
I was able to swap pans by letting the subframe hang by the knuckles (just removed the sway bar bolts and the 4 big bolts). it was a TIGHT squeeze though.
I dnt now about the whole subframe thing, i changed my oilpan with the engine out the car and on the lift,which is probably why it was so easy for me ha, lucked out
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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