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I know all about the old guy syndrome. First time I met some RSX buddies at the track they called me Sir, and that was years ago. :)

My Mugen SS came and went (you may have seen my long write-up about it), but I still have the car after all this time. Still enjoy the supercharger whine, but only take her out every now and then (all of 25,000 miles on her).

Old guy, retired but not dead, decided to get a new hobby and picked up a one owner, 50-something old single lady, Type-S w/ 210K on it. Runs like a top w/ exception of 3rd gear being fussy and needing a little extra attention when shifting.

Can't believe how much I've learned in just a few weeks reading thru threads. Great site, guys!

Want an eventual look that is more subtle/sleeper w/ as many oem, or related, parts as possible. Just ordered a Mugen Sport Suspension and picked up some '04 TL-S rims that were chromed, 17x8 +45. Gonna wait to see how the susp kit looks before deciding what spacers I might want.

Next will probably replace a lot of bushings and usual high mileage things. If anyone knows of any well known problems w/ hi mile 2003 please let me know.

Eventually want a K24 franken w/ aftercooler CTE around 250-300 hp for a street enthusiast ride.

Looking forward to seeing the stance on the Mugen kit.

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