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Old fart w/ a NHB 2003 Type-S

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Old guy, retired but not dead, decided to get a new hobby and picked up a one owner, 50-something old single lady, Type-S w/ 210K on it. Runs like a top w/ exception of 3rd gear being fussy and needing a little extra attention when shifting.

Can't believe how much I've learned in just a few weeks reading thru threads. Great site, guys!

Want an eventual look that is more subtle/sleeper w/ as many oem, or related, parts as possible. Just ordered a Mugen Sport Suspension and picked up some '04 TL-S rims that were chromed, 17x8 +45. Gonna wait to see how the susp kit looks before deciding what spacers I might want.

Next will probably replace a lot of bushings and usual high mileage things. If anyone knows of any well known problems w/ hi mile 2003 please let me know.

Eventually want a K24 franken w/ aftercooler CTE around 250-300 hp for a street enthusiast ride.

Looking forward to seeing the stance on the Mugen kit.

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