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Thx, IG!! :vtec:
I agree about the spacers but wanted get the Mugen SS on before I got too implusive.:eek:
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna want the rears moved out a bit, 15mm??, and the fronts as well but probably smaller spacer in front, 5mm maybe. But, I'll be patient and see how it sits on Mug SS first. :hb:

Did someone say Mugen SS??? :love :love :love They got here this AM. These ran about $1K from Japan. Cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

Also, just bought this from a guy from HERE. Should be here next week.

Looking for the best Phoenix area JDM K24 dealer and a good install shop that puts quality in their work but not over the top expensive. I know quality costs and I'm willing to pay it but don't have a "blank check" type of Benjamin stack.
:sj: looking good man
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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