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Opinions please

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Okay I'm thinking about taking the leap from the Type S to a 2001 S2000.

The s2000 has 81,xxx miles on it and they are asking 13,900, but I think I can talk them down to 12k.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should just keep the RSX and continue with my plans or get the S2000 and start fresh.

For a little Background I have a 2002 RSX Type S

2005 Front end conversion
Custom Vibrant Blue Metallic Paint
Mugen Lip Kit
Innovative MM
Injen CAI
Type R Wing
17" ADR Sokudo Rims
Buddy Club Coilovers
Sound system

future plans are to mold the kit into the car, put ina k24 block and turbo, black interior swap, and beef up the suspension. I owe around $9500 on the RSX and it will be paid off in less than two years. I have around $9500 in mods on the RSX.

The main reason I am thinking about switching is because I like the RWD aspect of the S2K, and I think the car handles sooooooo much better than the RSX.

If I keep the RSX I will prob. purchase a used 03-05 S2k after I pay it off.


Have an RSX, thinking about switching to S2K
Tons of mods on current car, almost have it where I want it.
Feel like the S2k is a better platform for modding.
What do you think?
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to be honest i would keep the RSX...2001 and 81k miles is not worth the price
i dont think that's a very far leap.
i dont think that's a very far leap.
with what he has on the RSX it would actually be a step back
with what he has on the RSX it would actually be a step back
Thanks guys, i've had the same train of thought but after driving my friend's s2k the other day it made me go back to the drawing board again.

Didn't like the s2k? They look like very fun cars.
Didn't like the s2k? They look like very fun cars.

No, that's the problem - I did like the S2K. Even stock the car is fun to drive :)

Lol, go drive the boosted one. That there is called mental anguish.
Keep your S and like you said in 2 years you can pick up a slightly newer one and have both. I so wish I was able to keep my R and still have this S by its side. Both are wonderful cars, well I never drove a Type S, but I can't imagine it being too far behind the R.

Good luck in whatever decision you make, either way you end up with a fun car in my opinion.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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