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Overspray on my car

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my car was in the shop n they got some overspray on my windshield n on a lil on the body.......
is there ne way i can remove it myself??
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Glass--real fine steel wool and glass cleaner as a lubricant. I think 000 is the grade to use.

Paint--Claybar should work to get the overspray off with a minimum amount of fuss. I have hand polished cars before with good results but it takes a lot of time to go that route. I have never used the clay bar before, but this is one of the things it was designed for.
yup - i concur (agree)

the steel wool - heck, you might even find OOOO version , thats even finer . ..try home depot, hardware paint sections etc

and yes, clay does wonders on overspray . . .

ive done it
How about overspray on a muffler?

I noticed that when my car was fixed up, there's a touch of overspray on the silencer and exhaust tip.
Is a claybar safe on bar metal, I'm a little nervous about using steel wool since it might dull the shine.
Frosty, if you have a chrome tip then the finest grade steel wool and lots of foaming glass cleaner (as lubricant) will work just fine. If you are worried about dulling the finish clay bar should work just fine. Lubricant is the key regardless of which method you use. I have used steel wool on lots of Honda Tips in the past and it works just fine with no ill effects.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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