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These high tech electronic devices are used to take a "funky smelling "car and make it smell new. Used also in all types of bacteria and fungus cleanup.
Look at ..The unit I have for sale is the XT2000 sells new for $549 plus tax and shipping. I used it 3 times twice for both of my cars and for my basement. Worked like a charm. It is brand new and the updated model. This is also a great purchase for a car upholstery shop or a high end car detailer as well as for home inspectors. I am asking $385.00 shipping included. It kills all mold,bacteria and ads a new fresh smell.Build in timer and concentrators Any questions please email me or text me at (954)864-7127. I am very familiar with these units. Has many other uses also!

Your best source of info would be

Thanks for your interest. This is a great tool for a quality car and home detailer as well as many other things. Kills the smelly stuff.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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