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Some of you may know my previous thread about Sepytaruca is a scammer.
Here is the first thread
Admin closed it because there was PM posted.
The reason why I am making this thread is I want to make sure no one buys anything from him because he recently logged on.

After he received payment from me he never respond to my PM, Email, and logging on crsx for a month. This pic captured on 4/01/07 showing last time he was logged on. Which was the day I made payment through paypal.

And of course, no item was delivered.

In the previous thread, ndc0349 stated that he got scammed by Sepytaruca.

ndc0349 bought a Outer JDM Brake Duct from Sepytaruca

And he did not make thread or leave NEG feedback about he got scammed, than I got scammed afterwards. That is why I am posting another thread because recently there are some people asking him whether these rims are sold or not.



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god damn that sucks ass, only reason why i stick to local pick up only now
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