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PARTOUT: Peakboost Innovative motorworks built 2006 RSX-S turbo

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Philadelphia PA.

Hey all. I'm parting out my 2006 RSX -S peakboosted. EVERYTHING on car is being parted out.
Car has been sitting for years. I bought an Audi RS4 about 2 years after completing this build and never went back to it. I took a job in japan after college and car has just been sitting since 2013. Just started stripping so tones of pictures coming. Innovative Motor works built the boot block and did tune. Car made 522whp / 361wtq @ 19psi, pump gas. Never had a chance to track it. Compression tested this past saturday and as expected 150psi across all cylinders, same as when it was built. built car at 86130miles but currently sits at 109k miles on body of car. Parts listed below. for any part not listed, ask me. Its on the shell. Will do my best to respond asap but feel free to instagram message me @wowdirs4 for faster replies. Thanks. Here is thread of build: Lesterine2004's peakboost build

Engine and trans are local pickup only. Prices are for item. Shipping based on your zip of course.

k20z3 Innovative motorworks built block. 0 miles on current new OEM timing chain and tensioner: $3,000
  • Wiseco (K568M86 RSX) Pistons - K20 - 86mm Bore, Std Size, -9cc Dish, 9.0 Comp Ratio
  • ARP (208-4701) Head Studs
  • Eagle RSX ESP H Beams and ARP Bolts Connecting Rods
  • New oem bearings + oil squiter blockoffs

RSX-S 6 speed transmission. Always royal purple. Perfect condition zero grind: 1,600.

Engine management:
Hondata RSX K-Series Engine Management Stand Alone - K-Pro includes adapter harness 2005-2006 RSX : 1000 shipped

Garrett GT Ball Bearing Turbos GT3582R, T3, .82 A/R turbine housing, Ported S Cover: shoot me an offer.

Peakboost Turbo kit :2000 + 100 for shipping (without turbo)

T3/44 Sidemount manifold t3/t4 with
3' Stainless 2 pc downpipe w v-band
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Tial 50mm Blow off valve
PWR 6' x 23.5' x 3' vertical flow intercooler core(total height is 12') anodized black
2.5' Aluminum chargepipe kit with PWR Silicon Couplers & t-bolt clamps (Piping powder coated black) there are sum sections that powder coat rubbed off
Steel braided oil/ return line and oilpan tap
All installation hardware

Exhaust: $400 Local only
Thermal Research (02 and up) RSX Exhaust Systems - Type-S (includes resonator) 3"
(there is a dent on resonator from speed bump.

progress 350F/650R. Under 2500 miles used. new OEM compenents: $800

Fuel parts:
Walbro 255lph
Golden eagle fuel rail $50
Bosch 044 Inline fuel pump
AEROMOTIVE fuel pressure regulator 13101: $100
- Includes fuel pressure guage

Everything else:
SOLD ep3 power steering rack+ harness + controller = 400
SOLD Intake manifold + karcepts adapter + hondata intake manifold gasket: 330
PWR radiator extra large aluminum radiator: 250
Innovative 65A Motor Mounts: 200
AEM (30-2400) boost control solenoid:30
aem 5 bar map sensor: 80
SOLD k-tuned adustable ep3 pulley kit: 110
Rsx fans
SOLD ep3 ac line part # 80311-S5T-A01: 60
SOLD ep3 ac pipe assembly 80325-S5T-A01: 60




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Hey there. What are the color and condition of your seats? :) I have been considering doing an interior color swap, or at the very least getting seats that don't have any tears.
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