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So I’m buying a skunk2 70mm TB,
Skunk2 pro series IM, and kpro V4
Here are my concerns.
1- are there any real issues I will run into while installing the TB and IM? Any pointers? Or anything I need to know?
i have general knowledge of how to do this. I’m not an expert by any means but I’ve been working on Honda’s for quite some time and I am mechanically inclined.
2- When I get kpro I will just upload a base map for now or have someone who really knows how to tune. But as far as when I get my ECU back, do I just plug it right back in? Do I need anything additional besides a laptop to tune? Any additional harnesses or anything?

Also, I appreciate the help but I need facts, people who have gone through all of this. I don’t need any opinions. Thanks guys.
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