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Alright folks, here it is.

What we're asking for here is that the law be revised as opposed to scrapped....the part that we're asking for a revision on is the immediate 7-day vehicle seizure and licence suspension.

This way, the law can remain intact so those who feel it's warranted can support it....but, it will no longer be promoting this disturbing trend of new laws circumventing your right to due process and levying big upfront penalties with no recourse for the accused

please sign it, please have your family sign it....and please forward to other friends and family and have them sign it....we need a ton of signatures here

I've left no comment section on the petition....if you want to comment, rant, ***** or just stir up crap, you can go to just about any online forum and scream to your heart's it's not happening in the actual petition

thanks folks
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