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Pholai's 06 NHBP Type S Build - Updates on Page 4-5!!

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This is my 2006 Acura RSX Type S, purchased it at 55,000 Km back in Oct 2012. Started off as a summer daily and now it has turned into a weekend lapping car. Shoutout to all the homies who have helped me wrench on the car in the past 10 years, and many more to come.







Current Mod List

Aero Catch Locking Hood Pins
A-spec OEM Rear Lip
A-spec OEM Side Skirts
Custom Wood Front Splitter
JDM DC5R Honda Badges (Front+Rear)
JDM DC5R Clear Side Markers
JDM Honda Access Rain Visors
JDM Honda Integra Tail Lights
J's Racing 3D Type 1 GT Wing (Wetcarbon for DC5)
J's Racing DC5 Street Ver. Front Bumper w/ Carbon Under Panel (Paint Matched NHBP)
J's Racing DC5 Front Carbon Canard and Front Side Wing
J's Racing Front Fenders (15mm+)
Half Nose Front XPEL (PPF)
Mugen License Plate Bolts
Mugen Aero S Front Lip
PCI Front Splitter Bracket

Quik Latch Mini Latches
Seibon MG Style Hood

Autopower 4 Point Race Roll Cage
B-pillar back fully gutted (sound deadening, carpet, etc. removed)
Bride FO-Type Low Position Seat Rails
Bride Zeta 3
Chasing Js Ti Steering Wheel Bolts
JDM DC5R Center Console
JDM DC5R Door Sills
Mugen Formula Shift Knob
Mugen Rear View Cover (NHBP)
Momo Monte Carlo 350mm
NSX-R Horn Button
Seeker Shift Knob
Status Racing Hockenheim CF seat
Spoon Sports Wide Rear View Mirror
Takata 4 Point Harness
Works Bell Short Hub
Works Bell Rapfix II

Original k20z1
Acuity TPS Sensor
Buddy Club Race Header
Hasport 70a Engine Mounts
Hondata K-Pro V4 (Dyno Tuned)
Injen Short Ram Intake
JDM DC5R Valve Cover
J's Racing Oil Cap
J's Racing Rad Cap
J's Racing Socks
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
K tuned 3" Oval Exhaust
K tuned Intake Thermal Gasket
RBC Intake Manifold
RDX 410cc injectors
Spoon Magnetic Drain Plug Set

BC Racing Coilovers w/ Swift Springs 16k F 28k R
DC5R Brembo Brakes
EM2 Si Front Sway
Endless RF650 Brake Fluid
Hardrace Front Roll Center Adjuster
Hawk DTC 60 Brake Pads
Honed DC5 Air Guide Brake Ducts
J's Racing C Pillar Bar
J's Racing Front Strut Bar
J's Racing Rear Strut Bar
K tuned Inner Tie Rod
K tuned Rear Lower Control Arm w/ Spherical Bushings
Muteki SR48 Lugnuts
PCI Front Spherical Lower Control Arm Bushings
Progress 24mm Adjustable Rear Sway
Progress Rear Subframe Brace
Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
SPC Front & Rear Camber Kit
SHG Steering Racking Slider
Volk TE37 17x9 22 255/40 RT660 (Street/Track - Wet)
Volk CE28n 17x9 22 255/40 AR1 (Track - Dry)

Rebuilt z1 transmission with new OEM synchros
Hybrid Racing Short Shifter v1
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
Competition Lighten Flywheel
Speedfactory HD Dent Spring
Speedfactory Shifter Springs
Wavetrac Helical LSD

Oct 2012:

Fully stock. Car only came with the interior trim from previous owner.

Pick up some parts during the winter of 2012.

A spec OEM High Wing Spoiler

A spec OEM Rear Lip

Rep Mugen Front Lip


Installed the Rear A-spec and A-spec wing with the mini deck lid


DC5R ITR Wheels

Ichiba v2 25mm spacers

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damn that trim kit doe too bad none of it is oem :sigh:
but please take more pics of it!
I kinda want a A spec interior trim kit if I can hunt one down! Still in need for a Type R console haha
got the trim kit, ill trade u some pieces for the ones u got lol
pm me :)

RBC, Ktuned IMG, RDX injectors, Scion TC clips,Hondata Kpro V4 and OEM 02-04 o2 sensor.

DC5r Door Sills

Buddy Club Spec 2 Exhaust

Progress 24mm adjustable rear sway


Track Day

Another set of Te37 SL's for the track. Thanks Vince! Running 255/40 Star Spec II's

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nice ride. hey are your teins set at what they tell you in the instructions
nice ride. hey are your teins set at what they tell you in the instructions
What do you mean? I only have the Tein Basis so they only offer ride height adjustable no damping
nice man keep up the work
Thank you sir! Big fan of your build btw.
Where did you pick up your mid rear strut bar? What kind is it?
Clean ride! Those regas :drool:
Thanks man! I sold them :( I want another set again haha
Where did you pick up your mid rear strut bar? What kind is it?
I bought it off Ebay it was just a no name brand, highly do not recommend. First bar they sent me was to short and i got a replacement which never fitted properly. I don't use it anymore but Mugen does make a genuine mid bar .
Good to know. Thanks a lot man! I was a little hesitant about the no name bars so ill just stay away.
Good to know. Thanks a lot man! I was a little hesitant about the no name bars so ill just stay away.
Np! I think M&M Honda makes on as well but not 100% sure. Ever since then I stayed away from replica parts haha.
Annual illmotion show n shine

Night time shots

Sourced out an authentic Mugen front lip and skirts. Was slightly damaged so had it repaired, painted and wrapped

Autopower roll cage, J's Racing Canards, J's Racing Type 1 Wing, OEM NSX-R horn button and a Works Bell Rapfix II to replace my old SnapOff Racing QR.

Skunk2 coilovers to replace my Tein basis

Painted the cage silver

Cage/Harness install

New tires for the street, Re71r's and installing the Skunk2 ProC coils. New alignment set up -3 front -1.2 rear.

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Mmmm that last shot
Nice shots!
Quik Latches installed since my bumper tabs broke and Canards finally installed

255/40 nt01 for track season

Annual Driven Car show with the homies

More track day pics

Picked up a Seibon Mugen Style hood and got it painted. Also picked up Aero catches for the hood.

DTC 60 front pads, Motul RBF 600 for track day

Some new parts!
Ktuned inner tie rods, dc5r brake ducts, speedfactory shifter springs

Also lowered the car 1/4 inch and realigned the car. -3.5 front, -2.1 rear. As always thanks to my buddies for always helping me out!

Wavetrac LSD
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