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**PhotoShoot** Mandy's Type S and Turbo Tib

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My '02 Type S and my brother's '03 Turbo Tib

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How much power does the tibby have? Is it a 4 banger or 6?
blackout headlights
nice car. any performance mods? +rep

also wondering on tib's power
lookin nice
nice car. any performance mods? +rep

also wondering on tib's power
Chris's tib is a 2003 I4 2.0L. Hes got a set of forged over-bore pistons. He just had his engine re-built and is breaking in his new engine on a smaller turbo, pushing out about 260whp at 15lbs of boost. Hes planning on upgrading to the Garret GT 28 RS turbo (disco potato) summer 2008. He'll also be tuning 4 additional injectors with a standalone fuel management system - when its all said and done he should be pushin out over 400whp on a built automatic tranny. Hes hoping to be runnin 12's at the track next summer.

Sadly, my type S doesn't keep up with him too well anymore...

As for me, I've got a few mods - an AEM CAI, Greddy catback, Tein lowering springs, front and rear Ingalls camber kit, Greddy front strut bar, window tint, and a sound system. I've also got a set of 18" Volk TE37 wheels with rays lugs.
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Nice looking cars. :thumbsup: +rep
the rsx needs a lip kit asap! nice volks:thumbsup:
ah! i posted in the other forum already, but looks good :)
as mentioned, black out those headlights, haha. +rep
yes, nice rsx but blackout headlights and a nice lip kit would make it even nicer :)
those wheels n the tib are shitty.

clean cars though rep+
Nice ride, i love Tiburons. :thumbsup:
Clean cars....

has anyone seen the new Tibbys...not too bad looking, too bad they are super slow..
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