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Pictures of what i have recieved.

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Pic's Of what i have so far, waiting on the cwest bumper considering Password JDM tried to charge me full price for an authentic one and at the same time doing business with a replica company, so yeah they were going to charge me full price then send me a replica after i paid $810.00 after shipping. I called C-West up after my refund was processed and they took care of me kindly (so still waiting on visors and cwest, I will keep the updates coming)

Secret addon I did not mention. (Damn this thing is heavy, might break my shifter!)

The rest...(The honda part is to fix my leak in the back trunk, the 05-06 are bad about taillight leaks through the seals)

I ordered this today

Pics of my car before the accident, will post when it gets finished with cwest. (Dates are out of wack on my camera)

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I am from Greenville, GA about 25 min south of Newnan but i work in fulton county but never see Dc5's on 85 in this part.
I have stockies in mint condition but looking at regamaster evo8 champion white or saving for another another 5 month's and the budget would be for ce28n volks. The only thing is my car is daily driven so I would hate driving on Volks
Lowered on buddyclub n+ with 6500 hid.
Yea you may have, I will be attending meets after these parts get installed so hopefully I will get to meet some new people.
I will definately consider the canards, I will post pics without them and if it looks weird I will order canards. My main concern is my injen intake, I need to get it off my car because our weather is straight retarded and the rain has made me bog down so fuck hydrolocking my car. Overall right now it is a dd and I want to make it as eye catching as possible and still keep it mint, my luck someone will back into my bumper rofl, but I wanted to sport this bumper for a dd for a very long time now so I will try to keep adding new stuff and attending meets.
posted a pic of the intake up top^
It gets here next Thursday, the car goes into the shop on the same day.
Yea that would be awsome, they told me 1 week but I always say what if? So two weeks at the max but they do great paintjobs so I will def let you know as soon as possible, I am on everyones ass about getting me this bumper password jdm really fucked me over.
I like both versions of this shift knob, I just bought the limited edition because I like the extra polish. I will be at lake lanier on the 6th-9th in may, so maybe I will see someone on 85, going to buy a club rsx sticker so people will know.
Mugen shift knob lol damn, I wanted the Arc but it was 224.00 then waiting on the shipping.
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