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Pictures of what i have recieved.

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Pic's Of what i have so far, waiting on the cwest bumper considering Password JDM tried to charge me full price for an authentic one and at the same time doing business with a replica company, so yeah they were going to charge me full price then send me a replica after i paid $810.00 after shipping. I called C-West up after my refund was processed and they took care of me kindly (so still waiting on visors and cwest, I will keep the updates coming)

Secret addon I did not mention. (Damn this thing is heavy, might break my shifter!)

The rest...(The honda part is to fix my leak in the back trunk, the 05-06 are bad about taillight leaks through the seals)

I ordered this today

Pics of my car before the accident, will post when it gets finished with cwest. (Dates are out of wack on my camera)

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you should definitely get the canards.. it looks weird without them, but update with pics.. i love vbp with cwest.. if i didnt live in athens, i wouldve definitely gotten it... btw VBP FTW!
i think i may have seen u on pib one night going south
you probably saw me, lol
oh... LOL you have 05+ type s wheels now?
nah, i didn't see that he had type s wheels.. guess it wasn't me, lol - i still have my bronze ce28n knockoffs :)
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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