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**Post Your Mugenized RSX**

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lets get it going

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wheres yours?
that picture saved your ass lol!!! sweet clean ride
shit man, more pics wtf that's hella clean even with the hood.
Clean ride!

WHo makes those wheels?
Clean ride!

WHo makes those wheels?
they look like volks ce28....but yeah his ride is sick!!! :drool:
Paint very soon :D

fresh mate!


heres the interior:

getting the mugen s1 seats hopefully

i dont want to be the only one to post up mugens. hehe
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god damn ur car is sick, glad u didnt go with that ugly smiley face mugen bumper
im glad too hehe

i only like the bumper on pre-facelift dc5s.
Fucking sweet :thumbsup: Im jealous
my god that car is beautiful...:drool:
1 - 20 of 192 Posts
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