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Power folding heated mirrors

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So today I picked up a set of power folding mirror with switch and relay. I picked up the wrong relay and got the DC2 relay instead :face:. Technically, I can use the DC2 relay (5 pin) to complete the install, but to make the install as close to OEM as possible, I'm gonna go back and switch the DC2 relay for the correct relay (4 pin) :mam:. All for $175 from H-Motors Online (they're local).

Gonna do the install and retain the heated mirror feature on USDM/CDM RSX's. The trick is finding how to mount the heated mirror switch. Full DIY guide w/pics to follow. Probably won't be done until for another couple of weeks due to the holidays, and 'shiet.

Also picked up a set of In-box brand new Honda Access window visors for $150.00 as an added bonus and will write up a DIY install guide for it too.

Lots of DIY guide in the pipeline for December, including EDM rear fog light using the Fit fog light switch (base on gslowr's write-up) and side markers (yet another side marker install). :beerchug:


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Thanks for the tip mang, gotta draw out the circuits before proceeding :thumbsup:
Here you go man, the rest is easy :)

Yup, looked at the schematics :thumbsup:. For this DIY though, I'm using the OEM JDM relay for peeps that have acquired the complete set. 1 relay, less wiring and OEM-style install :giggity:. Swapped the DC2 relay for the correct DC5 relay during my lunch break, LOL.


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I was tinkering around with the relay today and noticed something odd. It's the same relay that every JDM part sellers sell the power folding mirror with. First off, it being 4 wires is weird enough (cuz most Honda power folding mirror uses a 5-pin relay). Secondly, the JDM relay looks just like the keyless entry relay found attached to the dash frame, right underneath the stock stereo system. And to confirm this, I opened up the JDM relay and it looks like it has a receiving antenna in it. And looking up the part & circuit diagram for the Acura keyless entry relay in the Helms manual even matches the wire position and colors of the JDM relay! (part #: 38385-S5A-A01). I'm gonna tear apart my dash tomorrow and pull out the Acura keyless entry relay and compare it side by side just to be 100% certain. Cuz if it's the same thing, the relay is not needed and isn't the right part to begin with. And finally, none of the wire colors from either the mirrors or the switch matches the wires on the JDM relay.

Also, I've unwrapped the wire on the JDM push button switch and noticed that both wires from pin #7 (RED/BLU) and #8 (RED/WHT) split into two wires of the same color (obviously one of each split going to each mirror, operating the fold-in/fold-out function). I'm beginning to wonder if the JDM power folding mirrors for the DC5 even has or requires a relay to begin with lol. I spent hours looking for info on the relay and found absolutely nothing.
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Well when you wire it to the ignition, the switch and jdm relay become useless.

Plus I had my DC4 wired with just a reverse polarity switch - no relays at all - and it works. Reverse polarity switch can be your window switch for example.

I was told, never confirmed, that the the mirrors can work with the keyless entry. But I never bothered on figuring out whether or not that is even possible possible.

And for the push start, I wish I knew what you met by it, because I had to do a custom setup to get that to work, I got it without a harness :(
If I can't find any more info on the elusive relay, I'm just going to hook up everything to the ignition like you and Krisen and call it a day :thumbsup:. The circuit diagram for the Acura keyless entry can be found on page 22-156 on the Helms manual and I'm almost convinced that it's the same as the JDM relay.

LOL I should've been more clear about the push button. I meant to say the mirror fold push button, not the push engine start button. Here's what I'm talking about, regarding the split wires:


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Well wouldn't it need just 4 wires any ways?

I don't have the relay or switch lol

I have no idea what the back of that switch looks like.

However to get it to work, with a reverse polarity switch, which is what that JDM switch is, you would need one ground, one constant 12v, one going to the each mirror (the split wire you're looking at) and one going to the switch.

That makes 4. I'll double check what I just wrote to you, I'll draw a quick diagram so you can understand what I mean.
Technically, yeah, 4 wires will work. The 5th wire is the ground, which is usually connected to the e-brake switch. But the JDM relay, it looks like the keyless entry unit which I don't think will work at all. I've wired up a set of power folding mirrors for a 93 Civic hatchback, using the OEM JDM switch and relay and it's as easy as matching the colors lol. Trying to do the same thing for the DC5 mirrors is just puzzling.
Would you remember which wire on the switch is the power? I'm guessing the RED/WHT (pin #8). Won't know unless I actually test it out, lol but would save me the time if the info is handy.

EDIT: Another odd thing is the JDM relay appears to be attached to the main switch harness:

Even more baffling, cuz the keyless entry relay is right underneath the stereo unit.
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I got the mirrors folding by ghetto rigging the set up directly to my battery. Holy crap, I nearly froze my ass off just to test it out! Hooking up the mirror defroster is easy, I still have 3 pin plugs from my tail light rewire DIY that will take the 2 heater wire terminal joints from the USDM mirrors. So the final product will have 2 plugs on each mirror with a total of 7 connections.

Now the trick is to mount the heated mirror switch. I wan to retain the OEM switch so this will be a challenge to figure out. Worse case, I'll have to get an aftermarket LED push button switch to control the mirror defrosters.
Still deciding how to tackle this project :) It's gonna be either:

1.) wired up to the ignition like Krisen or George
2.) wired up to a DC2/4 power folding mirror relay
3.) wired using the JDM switch with an extra hole cut into the panel for the USDM heated mirror button

Gonna decide when I return to LA.
Just got my spare switch panel garnish in today :giggity:

I'll start on the project this weekend, hopefully I can have a complete DIY within 2-3 weeks :beerchug:

So I'm going to go with option #3, AND hook up the switch to a 5-point relay so it turns on and off with the ignition but with the capability of folding the mirror manually with the switch.

Now to the drawing board...


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Nah, just a regular automotive 5-point relay.
Started on the project today and it took me about 5 hours to wire up just the passenger side. About 1 hour taking photos and notes:

Disassembled JDM DC5 power folding mirror:

Shot of the defroster wires on 04-06 USDM RSX or 02-06 CDM RSX mirror:

Disassembled USDM 05-06 RSX mirrors:

After swapping mirror housing and mirror:

Pulling out the two power folding mirror wires from the JDM switch (BLU/RED & RED/WHT):


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Pulling out the defroster wires from the USDM switch (BLK/YEL & ORG) and taping them up:

Inserting the two JDM wires into the USDM switch harness:

Added a Honda 2-pin Harness for the power folding wires, so you keep your defroster feature AND don't have to cut OEM wires:

Preliminary test wire-up. Power folding function on passenger side works!

Been busy as fawk but I got the folding feature down. Now to wire up the driver side and hook-up the defroster feature using the USDM heated mirror switch w/LED.

If you do what I did, you do not have to cut any OEM mirror wires. DIY coming soon.

Stay tuned.


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hey can u send me the link from where you bought these ??? i went to h-motors online website n couldn't find out these.. i kw this thread is old but may b they r still selling
You have to phone in and order it, just ask for Steve (I think he's part owner?).
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