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Power folding heated mirrors

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So today I picked up a set of power folding mirror with switch and relay. I picked up the wrong relay and got the DC2 relay instead :face:. Technically, I can use the DC2 relay (5 pin) to complete the install, but to make the install as close to OEM as possible, I'm gonna go back and switch the DC2 relay for the correct relay (4 pin) :mam:. All for $175 from H-Motors Online (they're local).

Gonna do the install and retain the heated mirror feature on USDM/CDM RSX's. The trick is finding how to mount the heated mirror switch. Full DIY guide w/pics to follow. Probably won't be done until for another couple of weeks due to the holidays, and 'shiet.

Also picked up a set of In-box brand new Honda Access window visors for $150.00 as an added bonus and will write up a DIY install guide for it too.

Lots of DIY guide in the pipeline for December, including EDM rear fog light using the Fit fog light switch (base on gslowr's write-up) and side markers (yet another side marker install). :beerchug:


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I got the mirrors folding by ghetto rigging the set up directly to my battery. Holy crap, I nearly froze my ass off just to test it out! Hooking up the mirror defroster is easy, I still have 3 pin plugs from my tail light rewire DIY that will take the 2 heater wire terminal joints from the USDM mirrors. So the final product will have 2 plugs on each mirror with a total of 7 connections.

Now the trick is to mount the heated mirror switch. I wan to retain the OEM switch so this will be a challenge to figure out. Worse case, I'll have to get an aftermarket LED push button switch to control the mirror defrosters.
Maybe you can just wire it into the rear window defrost.
Seems like you would use both at the time. :dontknow: :coffee:
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