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02 RSX Type S

This past weekend I noticed my power door locks completely quit working. The inside door lock switches won't operate the power locks, and neither will my keyless remote. I've also noticed that my intermittent wipers quit working at the same time. My wipers will work fine on slow and fast speeds, but when I switch the wipers to the intermittent setting they do absolutely nothing. (No other electrical issues are known at this time, and everything else appears to be working.)

Since the entire power door lock circuit quit working, including my intermittent wipers, I assumed it was a fuse. However all the under hood and under dash fuses check out just fine. I've even tested the fuses with a test light just to be certain the circuit had power at the fuse panels. Looking at the electrical diagrams (which I understand 90% of...) the only commonality in the two circuits that I'm seeing is the Multiplex Control System. (please correct me if I'm wrong, or if there is another possibility). So I'm currently leaning towards replacing the Multiplex Control System under the dash. Which to my understanding also includes the under dash fuse panel.

(per shop manual)
The Multiplex Control System controls the function of these circuits:
-- Entry light control (ignition key light and ceiling light)
-- Wiper/washer (intermittent wipe and park functions)
-- Interlock system
-- Keyless/power door lock
-- Gauge assembly, temperature gauge, and indicator lights
-- HVAC (compressor and fan control)
-- Key-in reminder
-- Lights-on reminder
-- Seat belt reminder

My questions are:
How common is it for this "Multiplex Control System" to go bad, and is it common for only part of it to fail? All of my lights, gauges, etc work without issue.
Anyone know the part number for the Multiplex Control System, or where I can order one? (Edit: Answered -- 38200-S6M-A01)

Any input into this issue's probable cause or possible solutions are greatly appreciated.


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i have the same problem with the lock door on passenger side not working. i replaced the passenger lock actuator but no luck. ill replace driver side to see if that might solve it (but probably not) i do agree that what im finding out by research is that it could possibly be the multiplex control. interestingly enough i found some info on a tl forum that they solved it by replacing a relay that controls the lock system part of it. ill probably try that afterwards.
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