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power windows wont continue roll up/ down after inital button press

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okay so i've got a bit of a problem, a real annoyance actually,

i just picked up my car from the body shop, fixed some rear pass. side body damage n' replaced busted tail light.

now when i go to the old man's shop i realized the windows dont continue to roll up / down automatically if i hold button down briefly as they normally do.

i have to continually hold either button to open / close all the way... everything else seems to work fine...

im' at a loss.. i'll be taking it back to the body shop during the week but i was hoping some one would have a solution / suggestion for me! thank you!!

2002 type S!
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gosh, thats a shame, now you actually have to hold your finger on the window button for 2 seconds instead of taping it for 0.5 seconds.
Usually if the battery is disconnected the windows won't automatically roll up/down for a little while. Just drive it around and it'll work again. If not, take it back to the shop.
roll the window all the way down and continue to hold it for like 3-5 sec then try roll up the window and give it a shot
thanks, i just found the answer... wow, if you gold the search button for .7 seconds, the damned thing actually works..!

smart arse!!

automatic windows is my fav feature of the car when its raining... tnx..
:bow: your welcome
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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