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OK, basically give me your 3 choices for best looking bike.

There can be up to 10 poll options, so if everyone gives me 3, I'll add them all up and whichever 10 biikes get the most votes, those will be the 10 poll options.

Any year, any bike.

if you want your 3 choices to be

2000 R6

2005 R6

2009 R6

then so be it.

Any 3 choices you want, and pictures are a good idea, because then you might sway others to put your choice as one of theirs.

I'll close this thread is lets say 30 days, then I'll make a poll.

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In no particular order, probably the Duacti Monster, Honda Hawk GT, and old Honda CBs modified to be cafe racers.

any older style moto converted to cafe racer is pretty tops with me. 'specially an old commando.

the first gen triumph speed triple

imo the last truly beautiful ducati
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