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Ortega Global Solutions Announces All Motor Street Points Series

New York, NY (FPRC) March 23nd, 2011
8:00 A.M.

Ortega Global Solutions (O.G.S.) has added a points series to the already successful All Motor Street Class. This is just one of the heads up classes ran during various OGS events at New Jersey’s two premier drag strips. This concept is being added to a total of 6 OGS events for the 2011 season. The OGS staff continues to be on the cutting edge of motorsports as we look forward to working with the All Motor Street competitors who are dedicated to racing at our brand of events. The purpose of the points series is to increase interest and competition in the all motor ranks and create the breeding ground for future pro stock racers.

This point series for the all motor class will be contested over 6 events between Old Bridge Township Raceway Park and Atco Raceway. Only the best 4 races will count towards each drivers cumulative points. The racers will be competing for a guaranteed event payout in addition to bragging rights and a year end championship purse courtesy of the series sponsors. The nations top naturally aspirated sportsman racers will be battling it out so this promises to be an exciting series for racers and spectators alike.

We are truly happy to announce that K-Tuned and Drag Cartel are our sponsors for this points series chase. Additionally, K-Tuned and Drag Cartel have also stepped up for the All Motor Outlaw class during the Englishtown Fall Nationals event. They have added extra prize money to the tune of $300.00 dollars for the number 1 qualifier along with $100.00 for each driver that qualifies for spots 2 through 8.

About Ortega Global Solutions

Ortega Global Solutions is an event planning and production company specializing in the sport compact industry. The company has over 20 years of experience, a knowledgeable staff and numerous successful events. Ortega Global Solutions (OGS) has been an innovator at the forefront of this market for quite some time.

About Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

Since 1965 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park has been a popular venue for fans of various motorsports. The quarter mile drag strip at Raceway Park has been instrumental to the growth of Sport Compact racing since their first race in 1996. Throughout the years, several milestones and records have been set during numerous sport compact events held at the facility.

About Atco Raceway

Now in its 51st year of operation, Atco Raceway continues to be one of the busiest drag strips on the east coast. Since the creation of the legendary Pan American Nationals in 1996, they have been a leader in the sport compact industry.

2011 All Motor Street Points Series Schedule of Events:

*April 17th, 2011 - Honda Day - Atco Raceway

*April 30th - May 1st, 2011 - Sport Compact Spring Nationals - Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

* May 22nd, 2011 - Northeast Tuner Showdown - Atco Raceway

*June 25th - 26th, 2011 - Sport Compact Summer Slam - Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

*August 14th, 2011 - Honda Day - Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Raceway Park

*October 1st - 2nd, 2011 - Sport Compact Fall Nationals - Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Raceway Park

Event Payouts:

Winner - $800.00
Runner Up - $400.00
Semi - $200.00

16 cars required for full payout.

Championship Purse:

First place: $1,000
Second place: $500.00
Third place: $250.00

Championship payout guaranteed.

A one time fee of $50 is required for all racers who wish to participate in the series. Each driver will be eligible for the end of the year All Motor Street Points championship pay out. Each driver will also receive decals and a t-shirt to commemorate the series for the 2011 calendar year.

How points are awarded:

Qualifying Points will be awarded as follows:

Qualifying point structure for the All Motor Street Points Series Series.
#1 – 8 points
#2 – 7 points
#3 – 6 points
#4 – 5 points
# 5 & 6 – 4 points
# 7 & 8 - 3 points
# 9 – 12 – 2 points
# 13 – 16 – 1 point

Elimination points will be awarded as follows:
* 20 points will be awarded to each competitor that stages their vehicle under power in the first round of eliminations.
* 20 points will be awarded for each round won during eliminations.

Tie Breaker (in the event there is a tie at the end of the season) the following process will determine the champion:

1. Number of Event Wins*
2. Driver with the most round wins
3. Quickest average of Qualifying times. (If tie still exists the average speeds will be used)

*If after step 1 a tie still remains, step 2 then step 3 will be followed until the tie is broken.

Not responsible for typographical errors. All rules are subject to change at management’s discretion.

Points Information & Guidelines

• Points will start to accrue and be earned at the date of sign up and payment.

• No back dating of points is allowed.

• Points are not transferable from one class to another.

• Current NHRA competition or Raceway Park permanent numbers will be required. Temporary numbers will not be valid to participate in the series.

• The competition number that you sign up with for the points series must remain the same at each event or you will not be awarded points for the day. NO EXCEPTIONS!

• Competition numbers must be displayed clearly on the vehicle.

• If your competition number has been inputted incorrectly (you will be able to check this on your time slip) please notify the control tower so this can be corrected and your points will not be impacted.

• Points discrepancies must be addressed before the start of the next points event. For any points questions or concerns email: [email protected].

• Competitors may only sign up for one class for each vehicle.

• Drivers receive points not vehicles. Driver substitutions are not permitted.

• Rain-outs – If the race is rained out and able to be rescheduled, points will be awarded on the rescheduled date. If a race is not able to be rescheduled no points will be awarded for that event. If a race gets rained out during the middle of the event, points will only be awarded to completed rounds of qualifying or eliminations for each class (whatever the case may be). For example if an event gets rained out in the middle of a round of qualifying or eliminations for a class points will not be awarded to that class for that particular round.

• Any disqualification will result in loss of points for the day’s event.

• It is the driver’s responsibility to meet all safety and track requirements.

• Points Sign-up fees do not cover track tech card or crew entry fees.

• Sign-up fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!

Not responsible for typographical errors. All rules are subject to change at management’s discretion.

All Motor Street Rules :

We will be Using a PRO ladder. (ex. #1 vs. #16 , #2 vs. #15, etc )

All Motor Street -designed for full bodied, naturally aspirated 4 cyl. fwd cars.

Minimum weights

2200lbs - J series
2150lbs - K and F2K Series - 2.7L Max Displacement
2000lbs - H and H2B Series- 2.7L Max Displacement
1900lbs - B Series- 2.7L Max displacement

Vr6 - 2150lbs
2.0 - 1900lbs

4cyl sr20 - 1900lbs

If anyone wishes to Bring something not on the weight list just ASK ! ! !

Class Requirements:

Engine swaps (e.g.,B series with B series) permitted; however OEM mounting points must be utilized. Engine swap (e.g., B series to a K series) permitted provided engine swap kits are commercially available and approved in advance. Engine must be from same manufacturer as body. Engine must be overhead cam, production based design. Engine must be in stock, transverse configuration. Dry sump oil system or external oil pumps prohibited unless OEM equipped and engine is using complete OEM oiling system. External electric water pumps are allowed.


This equipment is required for the Englishtown Fall Nationals and optional at other OGS events. You may be disqualified, thereby losing your points for a specific event based on an excessive oil down.

Engine diaper or catch pan device to capture oil and debris in event of engine failure mandatory. Where exhaust header passes directly under oil pan, two piece diaper may be utilized. FWD vehicles using OEM manual transmission case must also have such a device for the transmission, to capture oil and debris in event of transmission failure. if catch pan device is used, catch pan must employ minimum of 2 inch high lips on all sides. Lips must be covered or curved inward, so as to contain oil in pan. Catch pan must cover entire area below engine/transmission. In all cases, lips must be adequate enough to contain oil in the catch pan. Should a competitor spill excessive oil from the catch pan and debris onto the track, he or she may be disqualified from further competition at the sole and absolute discretion of the event director until catch pan is upgraded, regardless of height of pan lips or pan design.

No Muffler required. Open exhaust ok. Side/hood exit ok

Any race gasoline (E85, Q16, VP import, ETC.) permitted, E98 is NOT ALLOWED. We will be using an electronic ethanol content device to measure ethanol level. Fuel Cell allowed - but must meet all NHRA safety Rules. Methanol is not allowed. All competitors will be checked at least once and are subject to random inspection.

All cars using a clutch and running quicker than 11.49 or faster than 135mph must be equipped with a flywheel shield made of 1/4 inch minimum thickness steel plate. Shield must surround the bell housing completely except for area of flywheel shield adjacent to differential and axle shaft. Shield may be multi piece with pieces bolted together using minimum 3/8 inch diameter Grade 5 or M10 class 8.8 bolts; may be attached to engine and or bell housing. in lieu of shield, a blanket meeting SFI spec 4.1 completely surrounding the bell housing is permitted.

Automated, timer type, pneumatic, electric, electronic, hydraulic,etc. shifting mechanism prohibited; each individual shift must be a function of the driver and controlled manually. (Driver must pull the lever.) Transmission must be from same manufacturer as engine. Non OEM or aftermarket transmission prohibited. Adjustable PRO STOCK type clutches prohibited.

Four wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory. Carbon fiber brake rotors prohibited. Staging brake allowed.

Must retain full, original, OEM steering gear.

Upper mounting point for strut assemblies must be in the factory location. Adjustable caster/camber pillow ball mounts are permitted. Lower control arm may be strengthened provided factory mounting points to the chassis are maintained. Lower mounting point for strut assembly may be modified for improved caster or camber. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars/devices permitted; must be bolt on ONLY. Final decision rests with Technical Services.

Must maintain original factory configuration. Aftermarket lower control arms, strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars and limit straps are permitted. Rear suspension must maintain minimum shock travel of 1 inch. All rear suspensions must use at least one working shock absorber per wheel. Suspension modifications limited to bolt on items only. ALL OEM suspension mounts/attachment points must be utilized. Spindle mount/ Solid axles prohibited.


OEM chassis, with complete OEM floorpan and firewall mandatory. Wheel tubs, back half conversions, tube chassis, etc. prohibited. Must retain FWD configuration; rear drive conversions prohibited. Engine must be located in OEM location for body used. Non OEM tubing in front of firewall prohibited except to tie shock towers to roll cage.

Minimum 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind center line of front axle, 2 inches for remainder of car.

Must retain original wheelbase for body used, plus or minus 1 inch. Maximum wheelbase variation from left to right is 1 inch.

25 inch Tire Max

Must be automotive type wheels suitable for street or racing use. Minimum wheel size 13 inches unless originally equipped with smaller wheels and vehicle is equipped with original engine. Wheel studs must be threaded into hex portion of lug nut a distance at leas equal to the diameter of the stud. Spindle mounts prohibited.

Body must be on accepted bodies list. Pickups and SUVs prohibited.
Mild customizing and body kits permitted but must retain full bodied appearance with minimum 2 functional doors. Chopped roofs prohibited. Hood scoops or openings permitted. Doors must open and close from inside and outside. LEXAN IS ALLOWED. Windshield must be glass , but other wise Lexan is OK. NO RACE DOORS ALLOWED. Fully Gutted stock doors are OK.
Lightweight body panels limited to hood, fenders and deck lid. Aftermarket body kits permitted but full street legal appearance must be maintained. One piece aftermarket front end prohibited. JoJo/CFT/Exospeed 3 piece front ends allowed.

NO INTERIOR RULES- Does not matter if car is gutted, just meet weight requirements.

Complete OEM firewall mandatory. Mini tubbing prohibited

OEM floorpan, front to rear, mandatory.

Both taillights and at least 1 headlight mandatory.

Glass windshield required. All other windows are allowed to have lexan.

Tow vehicles prohibited.

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Pretty sick and there is a Pro AM series too right? I would love to see the return of a good size field in Pro AM! I want to see some 8's!
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