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Hey guys,

Picked up a Tib 8.1 and a TiPX and I only want the Tib 8.1. Guy advertised it as a stock TPX and I get it and it looks like not only is it a TiPX he said he only used it once.

Taking it apart, I noticed, he upgraded it a lot.

Lapco Co2 cap
Lapco Metal shroud with Rail on top
TechT lightweight and soft tip bolt
JJ Ceramic 6.5" barrel

That being said, the stock parts are not included (he didnt have them)
1 7rd true feeding mag included
Carrying case it came in.

The upgrades themselves are around 175 bucks or so and the gun new is a little over 200.

If I dont get any interest on here, Im throwing it on eBay for roughly 250 shipped.

If someone here will give me 225, I will ship it to your door.

Ive put about 4 mags through it and the velocity adjusts perfectly and there are no leaks or anything. I dont paintball enough to warrant needing 2 pistols and I just got the package for the Tiberius 8.1 pistol.

Post here if interested and I will contact you!

Thanks for looking, heres the pictures:

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