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Price of Gas?

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How’s the price of gas by you?

Almost $3/gal for regular and expected to soar this week.

Situation in Iran has the price per barrel of oil going up. Iran produces 2,300,000 barrels of oil per day. Iran states that if sanctioned by the UN they will disrupt oil to the West. If they are attacked, the disruption of oil will be more severe. Either way we loose. Expect high pump prices this summer.
I don’t think they will put themselves into a situation that will lead to their destruction unless it’s a calculated ploy. However they will be sanctioned by the UN, that’s for shit sure!

Anyway to squeeze an extra few MPG out of my RSX?
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Eh, I think it was around $2.73 last time I filled up. Probably gone up since then.

Anyway to squeeze an extra few MPG out of my RSX?
coast? :p
$3.43 a gallon!! Now thats hard to beat......Socal/////of course premium
i thought they are supposed to be going down~ werd~~
2.99 Mobil premium. CT
290 for 93 Octane here (RI College)...

about 15 cents cheaper in Jersey where i live
2.61 for regular
aw, I filled up at 3.15 for just regular 87...
$3.43 a gallon!! Now thats hard to beat......Socal/////of course premium
3.69 Premium nor cal
3.37 for 91 in socal
$3.08-$3.19 premium.. yea gas prices seem to be getting out of hand again .. i know last year the prices spiked mid summer.. if thats the case this year >> hello 4 bucks a gal. .. seems like cali has some of the highest prices right now huh
the germans pay a lot for gas. i filled up at an aral station and it cost 59 euro. in american dollars thats about 80-90bucks, just for one tank of gas in my base. thank God i had my fuel coupons, i only paid like 25 bucks using those. this whole thing about the war in iraq or bush or whatever causing high gas prices in america, i dont see it. i mean if thats the cause for high gas prices in america, then what did the germans do to get these prices? and in japan? they pay up the ass too.
2.71 for 93 AKI
for 87 AKI its 2.47 in the midwest
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