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Primary O2 slow response..

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The other day my car threw CEL and there were two codes. One was daughterboard communication error which intermittently comes on, I shut car off and restart and its fine for a couple weeks. Small inconvenience. Lately there's the other code primary o2 slow response. Puts car in limp mode and in kpro sensor stops reading. They always come together. This one I can also shut off car and its all good, but it happens really often now and has ruined many Autocross rums. Could this slow response be due to the same intermittent poor ground that causes the daughterboard comm error, or is it just a bad sensor?

Also, can I just disable the O2 sensor in Kpro so I don't have to worry about it in the middle of an autocross run? Or will it still throw it into limp mode if it detects its not working?
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Hi just asking for help i got a check engine light then opend it on my kpro it says that p1162(slow response) on my k24 frank ep3 what kind of sensor should i buy? Thankss
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