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Pro Spec Problem

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so i recieved my exhaust today and im psyched cause i ordered it friday and it was at my door when i got home from work, so i immediately jack the RSX up and open the package to find 2 dents on the exhaust... so my delimma is, should i go through all the hassle of submiting a damaged package claim through UPS, or should i say fuck it and roll with a dented exhaust?:dontknow:
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id submit a claim - if it was on top where it wouldnt be too visible id prolly leave it be, but a) those are pretty decent sized dents, and b) theyre gonna be noticeable. maybe not to 99.999% of the population, but itll probably drive you nuts. it would drive me nuts.
the worst part is having it and not being able to put it on and hear it, i probably will end up doing the claim, i just dont want it to take weeks to finish and all.
patience grasshopper.

yeah, its a pita, itll get sorted though.
I don't think UPS will honor your claim since you didn't opened up the package right away while the UPS guy still there. My friend who is selling body kits told me that, as soon you received the item, you MUST inspect it while the UPS guy is still present. Doing that, your claim would be valid.
that kinda sux considering it was dropped off, the box was sitting at my front door when i got home from work (about 5pm) looked up the tracking # and it was dropped off at 2pm. supprised it didnt get snatched up with a quickness out in the open like that for 3 hrs. i talked to ups today and they said it could take anywhere from 1-3 wks for the guy to even come and inspect the damage, and even longer if they honor it to get the new exhaust so i said fuck it and put it on today, you could barely see a small dent in the side, and the bigger dent is on the top so its not visable. exhaust sounds like pure secks.

cliffs: UPS FTL:thumbsdow
Pro Spec FTMFW:thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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