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i have xenon 5000k for awhile now i dunno how long i had this for. but lately my driver side is being hella gay. first i thought it was the light bulb but it's not. i swapped around my light bulbs and it worked so it was light bulb problem. then i swapped ballast and it works. no matter what i do right side isn't working. it has good ground and good positive connection. i also just checked postive ground on ballast and it getting 12v to the ballast so it's not the relay problem. any ideas? it's really weird it's just right side no matter what i do to it. fuses are fine also. i dun get it!!!!

here is summary just in case you don't understand what i am saying on top cuz i am pretty pissed off.

ballast, bulb, relay everything is fine cuz i swapped around with passenger side and it works.

checked all my ground and positive wires and they are fine.

ballast is getting 12v that it needs.

but it's not lighting up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey xenondepot can i get some help here?
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