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problems w/ my car

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So i FINALLY got my car back from the body shop... but it looks like there are still problems with it..
the moment i take it out for a test ride, i notice my power steering is NOT working... and my alignment is WAYY off.. my wheel had to be turned 1/2 left to go straight.. when they told me that they DID do an alignment.. =|

anyways, my power steering does NOT work.. all i hear is a constant low gurgling of the fluid circulating? iono.. i hear gurgling, and the power steering doesnt work.. possibly the pump is dead? any info about this?

also, whenever i accelerate.. i hear a rattling coming from somewhere below me.. probably around the engine bay.. =|

any help w/ these issues greatly appreciated.. thanks
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driver's side front took the brunt of impact
the pump probably burned out from running low on fluid
Check the fluid level, then turn the steering fully from one side to the other a few times, recheck fluid. Fill if it's low. If not, then there are other issues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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