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Hey guyz in the all motor department . Lol
I bin here for a while an I started a new build for my Dc5.
Hope u can join me on my progress. I got som Wat ways to go
Wit this build, do to the fact money is comin a bit slow. Lol

hope u enjoy .

i cam across a k20z3 head

for my k24a2 block that i hav so i decided to build it wit some goodies
i piced up some Supertech valves seals, springs an retainers an flat face valves for the head.
the head was a bit cruddy so i took it apart an cleaned it up

so today i start to reseat my new flat face valves

finish my intake side tomorrow starting on my exhaust

I finally finished the exhaust side

so i sat the valve seals in

tomorrow I'm go to compress the spring but here is a view on how it'll look like

Finally got my springs compressed to put the keepers in.

Tomorrow ima mess wit my cams abit.
Tested the cams in just to see

stay tune..:thumbsup:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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