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Hi there,

I recently had to get my front left strut rebuilt after a fun little track day at Streets of Willow. Anyhow, after getting the strut reinstalled and installing the SPC front camber kit, I took the car to get aligned. The shop said they couldn't align me correctly because there was too much play in the front strut mounts. They showed me how much it wiggled (maybe 1/4 inch) when they moved the wheel on my passenger side.

1. What might be the cause of this issue? Pretty sure the top nuts on top of strut mount are all fully tightened. Protips on fixing this?

2. Also is my proposed alignment good for Streets of Willow / Buttonwillow good? I've heard the roll center of RSXs changes for the worst with lowering

Lowered 1"
F: -2.0
R: -1.5
Toe: 0
All around 225/45/17 Dunlop Star Spec ZII

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