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Putco Jet Yellow H11 Fog Bulbs Review

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Hello Everyone,

Didn't see much out there for reviews on different yellow fog light bulbs so I figured I would share my findings just in case someone was interested.

I just installed some yellow fogs on my 02-04 a couple weeks ago but was a little disappointed with the output of the bulbs so i decided to upgrade the bulbs with a brighter halogen bulb instead of going the HID route. I decided on going with Putco Jet Yellow 3000k bulbs that are 55 Watt. I went with the 55 Watt so it wont melt the lamin-x film once i get them. I wasnt expecting much improvement over the standard bulb without going for an HID kit but I was very surprised with the output. The bulbs that I took out were clear 35 Watt bulbs so now the color is a much more deep yellow for those who are looking for that and also have a much greater range. Before the yellow glow coming from the fogs wouldnt make a difference hardly at all but now when its dark i can see the yellow on the road sitting in the drivers seat (I am only 5'8" as well). Just thought I would share my opinion about upgrading to better bulbs for those who don't want an HID kit. I don't have any quality pictures as of right now (just iPhone pics) but this weekend I will hopefully get some good comparison pictures up for those who want to see some. I figured for $30 why not try some better bulbs and I was very impressed with the deep yellow color and the output of these for only being a halogen bulb.

The link below is where I got my bulbs. Hopefully I will be able to get some nice shots this weekend for all those who are interested.

I have a couple iPhone pics that if someone wants to see for a quick reference I can send them out as well.

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