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SolidMarine said:
Im new to the whole import scene so dont flame me if this is a ridiculous question plz. If I was to buy a Cybernation Motorsports turbo kit containing:
1) T3/T4, 60-1 or 62-1 Turbo
2) Custom Manifold
3) Turbo Piping
4) Wastegate
5) Apexi S-AFC- II
6) Spearco Intercooler
7) Intercooler Piping
8) Blow Off Valve
9) 550 cc Injectors
10) 3 inch down pipe
11) 250psi fuel & Oil Lines
12) Cybernation Black Magic IIELF

does that take care of the intake system or would I need to also buy that as well? Thanks for being patient with a newb.
The turbo kit includes intake plumbing. Give us a call for more info. 1.866.34.cyber
or go to
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