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questions on wash mitt / drying towels / claybars..

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hey i was wondering what are the differences on a few things....

1. to wash the car, whats better to use that will not create much swirls after... SHEEPSKIN washmitt or MF washmitt and whats bad about a SPONGE haha

2. when drying your car, whats the difference from using a MF towel and a plain old shirt to dry it down

3. claybar now... MOTHERS or ZAINO ?? and is the ZAINO worth the price difference..

thanks CRSX'ers
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monsterBEN said:
1. Cant help ya srry
2. MF is just as it says microfiber, it wont have a noticable difference with just one use, but over time it will help prevent swirl marks and very small imperfections in the clearcoat.
3. No need to spend extra money on a Zaino claybar, Mothers will be just fine (it also comes with a detailing spray to use as a lubricant and a small bottle of Carnauba Wax.)

I would personally use the MF wash mitt before anything else. I think I remember hearing that the sheep skin wash mitt causes more scratches than a MF mitt.

A regular old sponge soaks up all of the dirt and dust that comes off of your car and pretty much stays there. The next time you go to wash the car using the sponge, it will still have the dirt in it and cause many unwanted scratches.
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